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September 24, 2012 Evangelism Articles

7 common comments non-Christians make about Christians. Gets rid of some myths and would help many Christians become more bold in sharing if they knew these comments. From Thom Rainer

These 10 questions will help you have a better understanding of how evangelistic your church really is. From Thom Rainer

Here are 3 ways to get better at sharing the Gospel immediately! From Greg Stier

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Embracing the tension between family & ministry. He did well in explaining the downfall of two extremes out there today. Sacrificing family on the altar of ministry or idolizing family to the neglect of the ministry. Written by David Sunday

“Both these pitfalls—sacrificing and idolizing family—spring from a common error: they see ministry and family as taking from one another instead of enhancing one another. God has a design for your family and ministry so that faithfulness in the family enhances faithfulness in the church, and faithfulness in the church enhances faithfulness in the family.”

Why churches aren’t evangelistic…we’ve taught them to be afraid to die. Video by Jeff Vanderstelt. Thank Justin Taylor for the link.

If we believe all the same things, why are our churches so different? Great article by Kevin DeYoung on what many people wonder about.

“Have you ever been talking to a pastor or someone from another church and it seems like you should be kindred spirits. The person you meet is obviously a warm-hearted, sincere Christian. They don’t have a problem with any of the doctrines you mention as precious to you and your church. They don’t affirm liberal positions on major theological questions. They nod vigorously when you talk about the Bible and prayer and church planting and the gospel. And yet, you can’t help but wonder if you are really on the same page. You try to check your heart and make sure it’s not pride or judgmentalism getting the best of you. That’s always possible. But no, the more you reflect on the conversation and think about your two churches (or two pastors or two ministries) you conclude there really is a difference.”

Small groups are not just for friendships/Bible study or are they? Good article on the need to do more than just bible studies!

“We love to study the Scriptures and discuss the glorious truth of the gospel with one another, and we enjoy spending time with fellow believers. Yet we’re often fearful and uneasy about what will happen if we invite people who do not believe as we do into these environments.”

Ministry in a nutshell. From the view of a pastor’s kid. :)

5 ways to make evangelism a bigger priority. Simple yet profound thoughts if we are willing to follow them.

10 Ten Temptations Leaders Face. Good thoughts, humbling thoughts.

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5.14.12 Articles

Is Bibliolatry the Real Danger? by Kevin DeYoung

Why idolatry is attractive by Kevin DeYoung

Is Jesus what the Old Testament promised Him to be?

Audio from the Together 4 the Gospel Conference breakout sessions.  Justin Taylor

Distinctions Christians Can Make about Political Involvement by Michael Horton

Men and Women: Similarities and Differences, by Dr. Wayne Grudem. You can listen to the audio here.

Here are 3 awesome videos that should make you smile! :) Thanks Kevin DeYoung

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Resignation from Majestic Baptist Church

Today I announced my resignation from serving at Majestic Baptist Church. Below is the letter that I read to the church this morning at the end of each service.

It would be a lot easier to leave if we didn’t care about the people as much as we do, but we believe that God has called us to move and want to follow Him wherever He leads us.

Here is the letter that I read.

Dear MBC body,

I have some news to share with you that isn’t going to be easy.

I will be resigning my position of Associate Pastor of Youth and our last Sunday will be May 20th, 2012.

My family & I will be moving to the Richmond, Virginia area to serve as a Youth Pastor in a church just west of Richmond. We firmly believe that God has called us there and wouldn’t be going if we weren’t absolutely sure. It will be hard to leave so many wonderful friends that have blessed us tremendously!

Thank you for giving me the chance to be your youth pastor. Thank you for providing for my family and I while we lived here in Pueblo West. We have been blessed to have been able to serve the Lord here at Majestic for over 4 years. Our family has grown from 2 newlyweds to a wonderful family of 4 with the additions of Peter & Titus. We are very grateful for the love and care that many of you have shown us. We are very grateful for the patience and forgiveness that many of you have shown us as well.

My relationship with Pastor Scott has been and will continue to be one of the things I treasure most in this world. I could not have been blessed with a better pastor, mentor, ministry coach and friend than the man God has allowed me to serve for 4 years.

We have been blessed by so many of you and hope that we have been able to encourage and challenge you to be more like Christ and care for those who are unsaved as you have done for us.

I ask that you continue and even improve your support and prayers for Scott and the leadership of Majestic through this transition.

If you have any questions you would like to ask, please feel free to come ask me.

I believe God will continue to grow His church and to provide the people to lead His church as well and it has been a blessing to be a part of that process for over 4 years.

Jeremy Edwards

April 29, 2012

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April 23, 2012

I’ve been reading several really good articles and wanted to pass them on.

Don’t assume…this is something we do often and don’t realize!

Don’t assume you know all the facts after hearing one side of the story.

Don’t assume the person is guilty just because strong charges are made against him.

Don’t assume you understand a blogger’s heart after reading one post.

8 Non-Negotiables for Mobilizing the Local Church for Accomplishing the Great Commission by David Platt

The Grace of God in every book of the Bible. This was fantastic!

This is a link to a sermon by David Platt last week at Together for the Gospel. John Piper said afterword, “This may have been the most powerful missions message I’ve ever heard. I needed to be quiet with God.”

Here is a funny 5 minute video from Kevin DeYoung. :)

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Give Them Grace – Part 1

Elyse Fitzpatrick wrote a book called “Give Them Grace”. I’ve read the first 2 chapters now and have been greatly encouraged and reminded how great my need for MY Savior is and how great my need to point my family to THEIR Savior is!

Here are 2 quotes that completely disagree with what culture tells us and yet completely agree with what Scripture tells us…which one will you pick?

“Everything that isn’t gospel is law. Let us say it again: everything that isn’t gospel is law. Every way we try to make our kids good that isn’t rooted in the good news of the life, death, resurrection, and ascension of Jesus Christ is damnable, crushing, despair-breeding, Pharisee-producing law. We won’t get the results we want from the law. We’ll get either shallow self-righteousness or blazing rebellion or both (frequently from the same kid on the same day!). We’ll get moralistic kids who are cold and hypocritical and who look down on others, or you’ll get teens who are rebellious and self-indulgent and who can’t wait to get out of the house. We have to remember that in the life of our unregenerate children, the law is given for one reason only: to crush their self-confidence and drive them to Christ.” (Page 36)

“Raising good kids is utterly impossible unless they are drawn by the Holy Spirit to put their faith in the goodness of another. You cannot raise good kids, because you’re not a good parent. There is only one good Parent, and he had one good Son. Together, this Father and Son accomplished everything that needed to be done to rescue us and our children from certain destruction. When we put our faith in him, he bestows the benediction upon us: “These are My beloved children, with whom I am well pleased” (see Matt. 3:17).” (Page 50)

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Human Trafficking Awareness Day

Ray Ortlund posted this today. EXCELLENT!

“Sexual assault creates anger at what has been done to victims.  While anger can be a natural and healthy response to the unquestionable evil of sexual assault, most victims express it poorly or feel they have to suppress it.  They have probably been discouraged from expressing their anger, but suppressed anger holds them hostage and leaves them vindictive, addicted, embittered, and unbelieving.

We want to tell victims that God is angrier over the sin committed against you than you are.  He is angry because what happened to you was evil and it harmed you.  Godly anger is participating in God’s anger against injustice and sin, crying out to him to do what he promised: destroy evil and demolish everything that harms others and defames God’s name.

Anger expressed to God is the cry of the weak one who trusts the strong One, the hurting person who trusts the One who will make it all better.  Because vengeance is God’s, you can be free from the exhaustive cycle of vindictive anger.”

Interview with Justin and Lindsey Holcomb at the Mockingbird blog.

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The Sower

I just finished “The Sower” by R. Scott Rodin & Gary G. Hoag. It was given to me for Christmas and was a really short and easy book to read. It was full of excellent insights and practical reminders. You can buy it on Amazon here.

Here are the quotes that stood out to me…may we be excellent sowers for the Kingdom of God!

“God is primarily concerned with who we are rather than what we do.” (Page 8)

“We all need to be sowing in the lives of others.” (Page 9)

“Spiritually stagnated people have empty seed bags.” (Page 9)

“God is primarily concerned with our being before our doing.” (Page 9)

“God is primarily concerned with the transformation of our hearts rather than the transaction of our business.” (Page 10)

“Your job is to sow seeds that set people free!”

“Five spiritual disciplines to practice as you continue on your journey to becoming a sower in God’s Kingdom.

1. Start each morning with a conscious commitment to go through your day with the mindset of a sower.”

2. Start each morning by opening yourself up to God’s correcting Spirit to help you see in yourself the places where you most need to grow as a godly steward.”

3. Start each morning asking God to fill your seed bag.

4. At work, start each day praying with your team (or trusted colleagues).

5. Celebrate and rejoice over every act of giving.” (Pages 25-27)

“The sower’s role is to sow seed everywhere.” (Page 36)

“In the spirit of this parable [Mark 4:1-20], let us fill our seed bags with stewardship principles from the Word of God, sow abundantly, knowing that some seed will produce no fruit in the hearts of those who receive it, some will produce a good harvest, some a great harvest, and in a few, an unimaginable harvest will be reaped.” (Page 37)

“Our job is to sow seed in the hearts of people and trust God to take care of making it grow in their lives.” (Page 40)

“Help seedlings grow not by seeking anything from them but by giving them what they need to thrive.” (Page 56)

“When the Kingdom of God is advanced through His people’s generosity, there is no doubt that God accomplished the work and God receives the glory.” (Page 76)

“Whoever sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and whoever sows generously will also reap generously.” 2 Corinthians 9:8 (Page 78)

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Perfecting your craft is an excellent post written by a friend, Gunner. He takes some comments made by Aaron Rodgers and applies them to the rest of us, even if our “craft” isn’t football. Read the whole thing here. My favorite quote from Gunner is below.

“This man is the best quarterback on the planet right now, and he’s saying that his success (inasmuch as it depends on him) comes from very small choices and habits.”

If you are thinking about starting a devotional plan (or want more rigorous reading plan), I would recommend this one. It was developed by one of my college professors and is amazing (Thanks Grant Horner). Here is the facebook page about the plan. You have to stick with it for it to be effective though!

Tim Schmoyer video blogged this post about “Why Teens will share their faith”. I would greatly encourage you (whether you are a teenager or any age) to take the 3.5 minutes to watch the video and be challenged!

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Ministry: right here or over there?

Jason Helopoulos wrote a blog post about how we can miss the ministry right in front of us if all we ever think about is the ministry that needs to be happening somewhere else. It was convicting to read and apply!

How often have you been “locked” in conversation with someone on Sunday morning only to find yourself thinking about the person you need to talk to “over there”? Our minds start to wander and our eyes follow. I know the thoughts, “I need to touch that man over there this morning,” “if she leaves before I am able to encourage her an opportunity will be lost,” “no one is talking to that visitor I need to get over there.” And all the while, the person before us and the ministry the Lord has given to us in the moment is lost.

The seminary I attended had a chaplain. A comment was made about him that has always stuck with me. It was an offhand comment, but it has often served as a gentle rebuke and forceful encouragement to me. It was one of my professors who made the comment. He recalled a day when he was engaged in conversation with the chaplain. And the president of the seminary entered the room. This president was and is a boisterous and charismatic personality. When he enters the room your attention is drawn to him. And the professor recalled how the president made his way over to them, but the chaplain’s eyes never diverted from the professor. The seminary president stood waiting on the edge of their conversation and only after the chaplain had fully ended the conversation with the professor did he turn to the president. It wasn’t an act of rudeness or power that led the chaplain to keep the president waiting. It was an act of love and true humility. The professor in recalling this story said, “When the chaplain is with you, it is like you are the most important person in the world.” The professor was his field of ministry in that moment. The Lord had drawn them together and he was going to be faithful in that moment.

I wonder how often we miss the ministry before us for the ministry “over there?”

You can read the rest of his post here.

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