Posted by: theedwardsfam | March 31, 2008

A New Life :)

In the last month I have married the love of my life, more commonly known as Jennifer Edwards, moved 1200 miles away to a place called Pueblo West, CO and started a new job as a youth pastor at Majestic Baptist Church.

Change has been the word of the month for Jenny and I because EVERYTHING has been changing!!!! My cell phone number (719-334-5634), Jenny’s name, our address (194 E. Spaulding Ave, Pueblo West, CO 81007), my job, my friends & neighbors, our pastor, our youth group, etc, etc, etc……its all been changing this last month.

However, there is one exception, God has not changed! This is something I have been very grateful for, especially this month because as wonderful as this month has been, it has been very hard to adapt and change just about everything I have been used to doing. It has been the one thing that has been reminding me that God is in control all the time and He is watching everything we are doing.

It is my responsibility to be constantly before His throne asking for His grace and wisdom in everyday life and especially in all the decisions Jenny and I have been making.

He has responded by pouring out His grace more abundantly than I imagined, we found a apartment which was exactly what we had been praying for (2 bedrooms, large living room, 1 1/2 bath, wonderful kitchen for the exact price we prayed for $650 a month)!!!! Jenny and I showed up on Sunday morning and were overwhelmed by all the encouragement and the friendliness of our new church home. THEN, when we showed up for youth group later that night, it wasn’t youth group, it was a surprise welcome party for us which just blew us away! I didn’t get to my lesson I had prepared though! :( but it was just amazing how thoughtful and welcoming the church was to us and we were both incredibly grateful for everything!

Those are just two examples of how God chose to shower us with His blessings these last two weeks. There have been things that have been hard, but the Lord is teaching us through them as well! :)

God is good all the time and all the time God is good!


  1. Thanks for posting, I decided to be one of your two blog readers :).

  2. and i’m the other one! glad to know you guys have a blog!

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