Posted by: theedwardsfam | July 25, 2008

A man I respect and appreciate….

This is my boss, my senior pastor, one of my main encouragers, one of the people who helps me learn from my mistakes with the youth group, one of the people who challenges me to seek after God with a passion and determination I have never had but want desperately. This man I look up almost as much as I do my own father (for 7 months of the year he’s the same age as my Dad), which is a lot! He has given me the opportunity (that no one else would give) to do what I love and have wanted to with my life since I was 16…be a youth pastor! He has become a very close friend in a very short time and I am grateful for him and for the relationship we have as pastors and as friends (and that includes all three of us pastor too). I have been blessed tremendously because of him and this picture is us at the top of the mountain….


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