Posted by: theedwardsfam | August 11, 2008

An interesting article on the Israeli/Palestinian dispute

I thought this was a very good article…most of the really good info is located a few paragraphs into the article. It was definitely worth reading and being aware of! You can read the article here.

Here are a few quotes…to wet your appetite…

Two weeks ago the editor of the largest newspaper in South Africa, The Sunday Times, wrote an article saying that Israel applies apartheid to Palestinian Arabs. In this scandalous accusation, he joins Jimmy Carter and others who have defamed the Jewish state.

The apartheid label is very dangerous. If it sticks, Israel’s ability to defend itself diplomatically and militarily will be severely weakened. International pressure on South Africa’s apartheid government eventually played a major role in ending its power. The apartheid label is calculated to break the resolve of the Israeli people, who are called upon to make terrible sacrifices for our Jewish state. Who wants to die for apartheid?

In the State of Israel all citizens – Jew and Arab alike – are equal before the law.

On the contrary: Israel is a vibrant liberal democracy which accords full political, civil and other human rights to all its people, including its one million-plus Arab citizens, many of whom hold positions of authority throughout the Jewish state – including that of cabinet minister, Knesset member and judge at every level of the judiciary, the Supreme Court included.

Enjoy the article…it only takes 5-10 minutes to read. :)


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