Posted by: theedwardsfam | January 7, 2010

Does God care about sports???

With the BCS Championship game tonight, my mind was brought back to the question: “Does God care who wins tonight?”

God cares only for His own glory and only He knows which outcome will give Him the most glory.  Many believers hope a certain team wins so a certain athlete can share 15 words about Christ being everything to them…which I LOVE hearing.  BUT, what if a certain team losing the game (with the Christian athlete on that team) will have a greater impact for the Kingdom of God?  The problem arises because most of the universe will never know the little impacts on the teams and in the lives of people surrounding that game.

God does everything for His own glory and we see this in many passages in Scripture.  Below are a few I thought were best.

Jesus affirms this purpose on numerous occasions.  In John 7:18 Jesus asserts that He came to earth, “seeking the glory of the One who sent Him”.

In John 12:28 Jesus prays, “Father, glorify Thy name”. To that, the Heavenly Father answers, “I have both glorified it, and will glorify it again”.

There is no debating the Jesus accomplished a great deal through His birth, life, death, and resurrection, but what we must not lose sight of is His ultimate purpose for accomplishing these things. Jesus came to earth “seeking the glory of the One who sent Him”.

The best way to see how God sought & received more glory for Himself was through Jesus’ death & resurrection from the dead because it accomplished His plan of salvation that is given to everyone who will believe & surrender their lives to Him.

He already knows the outcome because He knows everything.

We are commanded in everything that we do, even eating & drinking to give glory to God (1 Cor. 10:31).  Many believers only think of worship as singing…but we are to worship God in EVERYTHING that we do!  Regardless of where we are…School, Church, playing sports, on vacation, driving down the road, talking to a friend OR an enemy, etc, etc, etc.  To say that a person is more holy for worshiping with believers in a church than the person playing a sport to the glory of God (while not forsaking the assembly) is not biblical and actually against the Bible!!!

I know many people who find it easier to worship God on their own, or doing something in addition to singing but I have learned and will continue to learn that I am required (by God) to worship Him in EVERY moment of my life.  As I preach, talk, go to meetings, play basketball, eat dinner with my family and everything else I do, I am required to do it to the glory of God!


We also stop showing the lost & dying world around us, how God has impacted & transformed EVERY of our lives and what living a spirit-filled life looks like ALL the time.

With that, to keep my marriage intact & my wife happy…Hook Em Horns! :)  But may God glorify Himself, as I know HE WILL! :)

Soli Deo Gloria


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