Posted by: theedwardsfam | February 4, 2010

The Autobiography Of George Muller – Part 1

I have been reading George Muller’s Autobiography the last week or so when I can and it has been TREMENDOUSLY encouraging and challenging to read.  EVERY believer should read this book and get a good glimpse of this man’s life!  He does not present himself as anyone special, but just as someone who has been saved by God’s grace and he records how God continued to shower love & grace throughout George’s life in England.

Below are some excerpts from the book…I cannot encourage you to read it completely though! :)  YOU WILL BE ENCOURAGED! :)

“Never since the work began have we had to continue so long in prayer for funds without obtaining the answer.  The Lord, however, gave us grace to continue in prayer, and He kept our hearts in the assurance that He would help.  Now, in His own time, He made it manifest that He had not only heard our prayers, but that He had answered them even before we called.  Today we received from the East Indies a bank order for one hundred pounds, which had been sent two months ago-several days before we even began to pray.” Pg 128-129.

“In last year’s report we stated that we were looking for fruit in the conversion of the children (in the orphanages).  We have prayed earnestly for them, and the Lord has dealt with us according to our expectations.  But I expect far more than what we have seen.  The chief object of our work is to demonstrate the reality of power with God in prayer.  As we hoped and as it has been our prayer, the Lord gives us the joy of seeing one child after another brought to Him.” Pg. 132

“Trusting in God means more than obtaining money by prayer and faith.  By the grace of God, I desire that my faith extend toward everything-the smallest of my own temporal and spiritual concerns, my family, the saints among whom I labor, the Church at large, and everything that has to do with the temporal and spiritual prosperity of the Scriptual Knowledge Institution.” Pg. 156


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