Posted by: theedwardsfam | August 27, 2010

A few hours with the Lord

I’ve been thinking through a lot of things I need to change/improve/stop/etc in order to make my life most glorifying to the LORD.  I’ve spend some time alone with God for 4-5 hours twice over the last 2 months and I’ve asked Him to tell me what I need to work on.  He’s told me a lot which tells me I haven’t asked Him to reveal my weaknesses enough lately.  He revealed things that I need to work on for 1) Myself, 2) My Family, and 3) My Ministry.

One of the things He put on my heart was to blog more.  I’m terrible at writing things down when they happen…so this will help! :)

Some of them were/are quite obvious, some were not.  He was gracious in everything and helped me understand where He wanted to not only grow me, but a vision to stretch & strengthen my family and a clearer vision for our church…especially the Youth Ministry.  I’ll share more later but wanted to start doing a few of the things He pressed on me.  There are many others that are probably more important, but I like to start on as much as I can…in HIS STRENGTH!

PS.  Schedule 4-6 hours in your day.  Go where no one will find you and where it is quiet and peaceful.  Take only your bible, pen & paper and spend the first hour or so praying and reading as you fully surrender your heart, will and desires to Him so that He can reveal how He wants to demonstrate His glory through you personally!  It is worth it and I wish I had done it earlier!


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