Posted by: theedwardsfam | October 8, 2010

Men who impacted my life – Part 1

I have been thinking about all the different people who have made an impact on my life recently and thought I would mention some of them and why!

I’ll start with my younger years.  There were a few different Sunday school teachers who really just loved me and showed me God’s love.  Which is hard to believe knowing how rotten I was in elementary & middle school.  Their names are Mike Winters, Dan Reynolds, and Jerry Riffe.

Mike Winters impacted me because he was the first person I personally knew who left to go to another country to tell them about Jesus.  I loved him as my teacher in 3rd grade I think but I remember him telling us he was leaving and why.  It has still impacted me because it was the first time I thought about loving people enough to travel a long ways to tell them about Jesus!  Note: I recently found him on facebook…it was awesome!

Dan Reynolds taught my 4-5 grade class and did a decent job with us.  He actually made a bigger impact on my life in high school because he moved up while I was in middle school.  He loved us even though we thought class was boring and pointless and didn’t give up on us.  In high school when we actually cared about learning to be like Jesus more, he poured into me & my friends.  I have often said that 4-5 grade wasn’t his best age group to teach, he did much better with high school students.  But as I think about it now, my heart was a lot more willing to listen, so maybe it was me that was the problem.  Either way…I’m still grateful!

Jerry Riffe…if you know him I don’t need to say any more.  If you don’t, he was probably the most outwardly passionate man for Jesus that I have know except for my dad.  You never walked away from talking to him (even if it was just 1 min) without being exhorted & encouraged to love Jesus more!  He always asked me what I had been reading in my bible or what new bible verse I had memorized lately.  If I saw him and hadn’t read in a while, I usually turned around.  I didn’t see him for a few years during middle & high school, but I bumped into him at the end of high school.  That short 5 minute conversation was one I will always remember the rest of my life.  He  might have been a little too rough or harsh at times, but you never doubted he loved you and loved Jesus.  In that conversation he told me how he never expected to see me excited & passionate about Jesus while being bold in telling others about the Gospel because of what he saw in me from 1-6th grade!  It will always remind me about the power of Christ and how much God can change a person!  Here’s a picture to help you understand and if you want a better picture of who he was visit this link.  One of the best wedding presents we got was from him and is hanging on our wall at home…come by and see it! :)

I’ll post a few more people in the next few posts!  Thank you to all those who invested in me and still are!


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