Posted by: theedwardsfam | January 21, 2011

Preaching in the Pulpit

I was raised by a pastor so I grew up watching someone at home who regularly taught God’s word on Sunday morning to a group of people.  Early in my life I actually didn’t want to be a pastor because I wanted to be different than my dad, but now I call him all the time to find out how to be more like him and ask him for advice. :)  I grew up watching my dad take his job/duty seriously as he prepared to teach God’s word.  A few things stand out that I learned.

  • He made a personal commitment to never preach a sermon he wasn’t living out (which was hard on him because of the high standard he held himself to).
  • He made preaching Jesus much more than just an opportunity to talk about what he wanted to say.
  • He studied hard, prayed hard and preached with emotion. (The only times I can remember seeing my father cry was while he was preaching…something I understand much better now).

While in college at The Master’s College, I got to watch and listen to many preachers.  Some where famous, others not.  Some were really good, some were not.  Some were funny, some were really funny, some didn’t try.  HOWEVER, they all tried to preach God’s word in a way that was understandable, accurate and motivating to follow Jesus more than we already were.

I do not feel really qualified to be someone who can stand before 2 or 200 people and tell them how to follow Jesus because I am not qualified…on my own.  When I stand before 2 or 200 people to teach them, God is the source of the message, the presentation and He is the one who transforms hearts & minds.  My job is to deliver God’s word as passionately, accurately and persuasively as possible.  Scott Ardavanis, my sermon prep teacher, told us once that “the Bible isn’t boring, don’t make it boring.”  God’s job is to use me and more importantly His Word to change lives, whether I preached well or not.  THAT is comforting!  Preaching isn’t something for everyone.  It is a serious task, a strenuous task and yet it is a rewarding task when you see God working in other people’s lives because of how He worked in you.  (Plus, you get way more out of studying for the sermon than anyone else does too!)

Here are 2 links to my past sermon from Sunday.  The preaching starts at about 34:00 in Part 1 and continues straight through to Part 2.  Please feel free to make helpful criticisms and areas to improve.  Thanks!


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