Posted by: theedwardsfam | February 23, 2011

The Kingdom Advancing

So yesterday morning I went FCA to a local middle school like I do almost every Tuesday morning at 7:00am. On the way there I prayed for some students that haven’t been there in a while so that they could be encouraged to spread the Gospel at their school.

We started our meeting with 4 students (the others I prayed for didn’t show up), but about 5 minutes into our discussion of Acts 1:8 a girl walked into our room who had never come before. We talked about about what happens once someone gets the Holy Spirit (Power to witness, say no to sin, encourage people, do the right thing all the time, etc).

I could tell that the girl who had just come in was more interested than the rest and she was really interested in what we were talking about.  I asked the students how someone received the Holy Spirit and they eventually (with some help) came up with the following answer: Believe in God and then surrender your life to Him.  I had the new girl read Romans 10:9-10 out loud for everyone else to hear.  We talked about what it said how someone received Jesus & eternal life and what it meant to make Jesus LORD.

I wanted to find out where our new student was at with Christ so I asked the students to answer in their heads whether or not they believed they had the Holy Spirit. She was sitting right in front of me and when I asked the question, shook her head softly no.  We prayed as the bell rang and dismissed the students and as she got up I asked her if she wanted to receive the Holy Spirit right now.  She said yes, so we went out into the hallway and talked for a few minutes since the class was now filled with students ready to start school.

I asked her if she understood what it meant to give her life to Christ and she said yes, “to give him everything”. I asked her why she wanted to give her life to Christ and she said that she was tired of sinning, getting in trouble and doing the wrong things and wanted to change. I explained that there wasn’t a magical prayer to give your life to God…it was something that had to happen in your heart.  She said she wanted to give her life to God right then so I asked her if she wanted to pray/surrender on her own.  She said she wanted some help, so we prayed together.

After we prayed I asked her how she felt.  She said, “Much better, lighter.” I asked her what she meant and she said, “like a big burden was just lifted off my shoulders.” I asked her what she thought that burden might have been and she said, “my sin”. I told her that God had come to take her sin (all of it) away and had the Holy Spirit now lived inside of her to help her glorify God and live the way God intended for her & I to live.

She was excited and couldn’t wait to tell her parents, she told her teacher (FCA sponsor) and got a enormous hug as a welcome into God’s family. She knows that she is now part of God’s family and has a bigger older brother to watch over her and help her…ME. Pray for her to grow and learn to abide in Christ each and every moment!

That was so stinking exciting its hard to put into words.  I didn’t expect anything like that when I got up, but God works in wonderful and mysterious ways! I’m thankful that God has used me & others to help transform lives.

He wants to use you too…are you willing?


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