Posted by: theedwardsfam | May 15, 2011

Twitter Quotes

Do you approach prayer like a homework assignment you have to get done or a bowl of ice cream you can’t wait to enjoy? Greg Stier

You do not have any righteousness, but Jesus will give you his. Mark Driscoll

God’s Word has become your authority when it can change your direction. James MacDonald

My prayers for others might not change them, but it will change me. Craig Groeschel

The difference between an unclear gospel message & a false one is the difference between drinking muddy water or arsenic. Greg Stier

No pastor lives up to what he preaches. If he does, he is preaching too low. John Piper

God will not sign your wish list. No, he calls you, with open-handed faith, to sign his plan and purpose list. Paul Tripp

Could it be that you doubt God’s faithfulness not because he’s unfaithful to his promises, but because you’ve been unfaithful to his call. Paul Tripp


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