Posted by: theedwardsfam | November 22, 2011

Gospel Powered Parenting – Part 2

Here is the 2nd half of the quotes from the book Gospel Powered Parenting! For Part 1 click here.

“Chapter 1 suggested that the heart is the target.  The goal is not just morality. It is new birth. We do not get new birth by being moral; rather, new birth produces biblical morality. Therefore, wise parents aim their discipline at the heart.” (Gospel Powered Parenting. Pg. 163)

“The heart captured by God will increasingly do right when the prospect is short-term pain.” (Gospel Powered Parenting. Pg. 164)

Steps of discipline (Gospel Powered Parenting. Pg. 167-170)

“The first step is the most difficult. It is CONSISTENCY. Second, always put your discipline in the context of love. Third, when appropriate, reference Scripture. Fourth, make sure it hurts. Fifth, hold the child until he or she stops crying. Sixth, use the discipline event to rehearse the gospel. Seventh, ask them to verbally confess the specific for which they are being disciplined. Finally (Eighth), have your child perform restitution.”

“Eli [Prophet in 1 Samuel 2] failed to discipline his sons. It cost him his life, the lives of his sons, and the loss of the priesthood. Parents who fear God believe that God cares about how we parent, and it motivates them.” (Gospel Powered Parenting. Pg. 171)

“Four beliefs or attitudes hinder our willingness to feed our children. First, we believe that we can delegate the job to others and not do it ourselves. Second, we lack confidence in the potency of the Bread of Life – the gospel. Third, we don’t have confidence that we can apply the gospel to our children. Fourth, we don’t feel competent to teach our children.” (Gospel Powered Parenting. Pg. 176-177)

“Parents have abdicated their role as chief educators. Sunday schools and youth groups cannot compensate for the loss.” (Emphasis mine)

“Confidence in these truths [stated above] makes parents gospel centered. They teach their children, but all their teaching funnels down to the gospel. Why? Because the gospel is the power of God, and they need that power to reach their children. Parents are not in control of the process. God alone is in control of being known. The thirteen inches from our child’s head to his or her heart is the longest distance in the world. That is why John Piper writes that God ‘is not like the multiplication table or the table of elements; He alone is knowable as the one totally in control of being known.’” (Gospel Powered Parenting. Pg. 183-184)

“Begin [parenting] with realistic expectations. Expect to fall off the wagon repeatedly, but commit to climbing back on. Don’t expect to teach the Bible every day without failure. In the real world, it won’t happen. If you consistently taught your children four days a week, you would be doing well.” (Gospel Powered Parenting. Pg. 193)

“Through your failures, show your children what it looks like to live in the shadow of the cross.” (Gospel Powered Parenting. Pg. 193)

“The world tells parents to demand their rights, pursue their careers, and sacrifice others (spouse and children) to pursue selfish ambitions. But the gospel says, “You have no rights, only responsibilities.” (Gospel Powered Parenting. Pg. 202)

“Social  researcher  David Popenoe writes: ‘Fathers who spent time with their children more than twice a week, giving meals, baths, and other basic care, reared the most compassionate adults. This single factor accounted for a greater percentage of the adult outcome of empathy) than the three strongest maternal predictors combined.” (Gospel Powered Parenting. Pg. 206)

“Parents who repeatedly find forgiveness in the gospel can extend that forgiveness to their children. Your children need to watch you continually shedding your guilt and fear at the foot of the cross.” (Gospel Powered Parenting. Pg. 219)


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