Posted by: theedwardsfam | November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011 – Part 1

Holy Scripture tells us to be thankful. Not just on Thanksgiving Day or during the month of November. It actually tells us to give thanks continually!

“Give thanks always and for everything to God the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.” Ephesians 5:20

“Let us come to the Lord with thanksgiving. Let us sing psalms of praise to him.” Psalm 95:2

“Give thank in all circumstances, for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.” 1 Thessalonians 5:18

I’m thankful for the following people:

1) My wife. Jennifer Edwards. She is a loving, caring, sacrificial and beautiful wife and mother. I wouldn’t be where I am today without her love and encouragement in my life. She has loved me even when I have been unloving or rude or unhelpful around the home. She has been willing to sacrifice for our 2 boys by changing her diet several times because of their allergies. She has sacrificed many days & nights while I took students on mission trips, to camp or to conferences. She is the most wonderful woman I know and its all because she loves Jesus!

2) My sons. Peter & Titus. Peter has the energy of 10 teenagers it seems! :) He is a delight to be around, he loves his mom and dad and especially his little brother. He is constantly making us laugh (even as I’m writing this he’s continually putting his cold hands on mommy’s warm legs and laughing hysterically while doing so). He loves to play, go to the park, go for walks and especially play with his cars/trucks. He is healthy despite his allergies and we are grateful for him! Titus is a big ol’ ball of smiles…unless he is hungry. He is learning to interact and just can’t stop smiling when someone even looks his direction. He might be already be babbling more than his older brother. :)

3) My parents and my wife’s parents. They raised Jenny & I in love, discipline and continually pointed us to Jesus. We have been blessed more than most people when it comes to unconditional love and care. They delight in their grandchildren and are intent on spoiling them. :) They are faithful to pray for us, encourage us, give us advice when we are wise enough to seek it out and still point us to Jesus! We are blessed to have family (including in-laws) that are who they are when it seems that so many have it much worse than we do and don’t even want to see their family. The best part is that they were just as blessed and so am I by their parents (my grandparents). I have the best in the world! :)

4) My siblings. I had three growing up in Christie, Bethany and Michael. I got two more when I got married in David (Jenny’s brother) and his wife Heidi. I then got another brother when Christie got married. So now I have 6. I wouldn’t trade any of them for anyone in the world. They had to put up with me & my antics growing up and still have to from time to time. I would do anything for any of them and will always love them and be grateful that God has put them in my life.

5) My students. They aren’t technically mine since I don’t own them but I’m grateful for them anyways. I have some of the best students in the world because they are madly in love with Jesus and many of them are desperately working to tell the world about their Savior. They love being with one another, serving one another and serving the world around them and are willing to give up days of their lives in order to do so. They have learned to stop being afraid of people they don’t know. Instead, they greet and welcome and share the love of Jesus with them. They are learning to be absolutely fearless when it comes to evangelism (strangers or friends…doesn’t matter) and I couldn’t be prouder of them…even if they wear me out!

6) My pastor colleagues. I’m thankful for Scott, Doug & Kay (our secretary) because I GET to work with them on a weekly basis. They love Jesus, our church and me. They let me bring some life/amusement into our office without being continually annoyed. They love me when I’m frustrated and rejoice with me when I’m excited about anything. I’m also blessed to work with a bunch of other pastors in the Pueblo area as we seek to reach the community together for the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

7) My disciplers/mentors. This includes my dad, my Wyoming dad, my grandpas, and also my Uncle Jeff. There are other men who are discipling me: Bill Lighty, Dave Cook, Greg Cole, Tom Halstead, Kelly Wright, Scott Zeller, and Peter Hogan. Some of them are older, some of them are peers who are pushing me towards Jesus! I’m grateful for them all!

Its time to go play and eventually eat with my family. Maybe I’ll finish another part later today or tomorrow.


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