Posted by: theedwardsfam | December 3, 2011

Gate Agents or Pilots?

Kevin DeYoung wrote this article about a month ago called Brothers, We Are Not Gate Agents.

Here are some of the quotes that challenged me.

It is the danger of every parent, elder, Bible study leader, and especially preacher. I am wary of its snare. I pray against it regularly. I hope to avoid it this coming Sunday. Brothers, we are not gate agents.

The gate agent tells you about this plane going to St. Louis, this one to Chicago, and that one to Omaha. He proclaims and provokes. He calls and consoles. He summons and sends off. The gate agents have an important job. They make announcements all day about places you want to go to. And places to which they’ve never been.

As a pastor, I’m scared of becoming nothing more than an earnest gate agent. I’m afraid of calling people to places I’ve never been.

Lord help me. I don’t want to round people up for holiness and never go there myself. I don’t want to talk so much about St. Louis and Omaha and Chicago that I convince myself I’ve been to places I haven’t. I don’t want to preach about the glories of knowing Christ if I haven’t made an effort to know that glory too. I don’t want to be a gate agent on this heavenly journey. I want to be someone working in the cockpit.

Read the whole article here.


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