Posted by: theedwardsfam | December 3, 2011

Mission Trip Review – Trinidad & Walsenburg – Part 2

We spent most of Friday & Saturday working with New Hope Community Church in Walsenburg. Friday afternoon we split into 4 groups of 4-5 people and went to different neighborhoods.

We took turns in our groups praying for the different homes that we walked past. We also put a door hanger on each home that told them that we had been praying for their home. If they had a specific request they could write it on the back of the door hanger and we would collect it the next day.

We prayer walked for about 3 hours all over Walsenburg. See map below for what neighborhoods we prayed over.

It was a blessing and a challenge personally to pray over the homes, families and streets that we walked by. Sometimes we got to stop and talk to the people if they were outside and share the love of Jesus with them by encouraging them or praying with them.

Saturday morning we went back to the same neighborhoods and picked up the door hangers people had written requests on. We received 12-15 requests and spent some time praying for them and their families.

My favorite memory of this time was watching our students go from nervous and unsure what they were doing while praying to comfortable and burdened for the homes and community. We also stopped periodically to pray at intersections of streets in larger groups.

It was a blessing to pray for the community and we were blessed immensely! :)


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