Posted by: theedwardsfam | December 24, 2011

The Soul Winner – Part 3

Here is the 3rd batch of quotes from Spurgeon’s book, The Soul Winner! Part 1 and Part 2 if you haven’t read them already!

“Examine wherein you have failed, and then, by changing your mode, or your spirit, the Lord may prepare you for a degree of usefulness far beyond your expectation.” (The Soul Winner. Pg. 117)

“If you never enter your closet, and shut to the door, if you never plead at the mercy-seat for your child, how can you expect that God will honour you in its conversion?” (The Soul Winner. Pg. 119)

“At any rate there must be prayer, much prayer, constant prayer, vehement prayer, the kind of prayer which will not take denial, like Luther’s prayer, which he called the bombarding of heaven; that is to say, the planting a cannon at heaven’s gates to blow them open, for after this fashion fervent men prevail in prayer; they will not come from the mercy-seat until they can cry with Luther, ‘Vici,’ ‘I have conquered, I have gained the blessing for which I strove.’ “The kingdom of heaven suffereth violence, and the violent take it by force.’ May we offer such violent, God-constraining, heaven-compelling prayers, and the Lord will not permit us to seek His face in vain!” (The Soul Winner. Pg. 119-120)

“If you would raise that dead child, you must feel the chill and horror of that child’s death yourself.” (The Soul Winner. Pg. 121)

“You preach, brethren, with this object, that men may quit their sins, and fly to Christ for pardon, that by His blessed Spirit they may be renovated, and become as much in love with everything that is holy as they are now in love with everything that is sinful.” (The Soul Winner. Pg. 128)

“I command men in the name of Jesus to repent and believe the gospel, though I know they can do nothing of the kind apart from the grace of God; for I am not sent to work according to what my private reason might suggest, but according to the orders of my Lord and Master.” (The Soul Winner. Pg. 128)

“Brethren, we have been greatly disappointed, have we not, with some of our converts? We shall always be disappointed with them so far as they are our converts. We shall greatly rejoice over them when they prove to be the Lord’s work.” (The Soul Winner. Pg. 129)

“A consecrated man may be charged with divine energy to the full, so that everybody round him must perceive it.” (The Soul Winner. Pg. 130)

“Unless your walk be close with God, unless you dwell in that clear light which surrounds the throne of God, and which is only known to those who are in fellowship with the Eternal, you will go forth from your chamber, and hasten to your work, but nothing will come of it.” (The Soul Winner. Pg. 131)

“A witty answer is often a very proper thing; at the same time, a gracious answer is better.” (The Soul Winner. Pg. 132)



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