Posted by: theedwardsfam | December 26, 2011

The Soul Winner – Part 4

Here is the 4th batch of quotes! :) (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 if you haven’t read them yet). Thank again Charles Spurgeon!

“Brother, say what you know and sit down. But be calm and composed while speaking of that which you have personal acquaintance. You will never properly indulge your emotions in preaching, so as to feel at home with the people, until you are at home with your subject.” (The Soul Winner. Pg. 133)

“If you can associate with yourself half-a-dozen who are not all very young men, but somewhat advanced in their knowledge of divine truth, the association will be greatly to your mutual advantage.” (The Soul Winner. Pg. 137)

“When you know how to carry a man on your heart, and have felt the burden of his case, you will have his name engraven upon your soul…I pray believe that this is what many regular preachers need to know more of; and then they will preach better.” (The Soul Winner. Pg. 142)

“Prepare yourselves, then, to see and suffer many things with which you would rather be unacquainted. Experiences which would be unnecessary to you personally will become your portion if the Lord uses you for the salvation of others.” (The Soul Winner. Pg. 145)

“I would go into the deeps a hundred times to cheer a downcast spirit; it is good for me to have been afflicted that I might know how to speak a word in season to one that is weary.” (The Soul Winner. Pg. 147)

“You must go into the fire if you are to pull others out of it, and you will have to dive into the floods if you are to draw others out of the water. You cannot work a fire-escape without feeling the scorch of the conflagration, nor man a lifeboat without being covered with the waves. If Joseph is to preserve his brethren alive, he must go down into Egypt; if Moses is to lead the people through the wilderness, he must first himself spend forty years there with his flock.” (The Soul Winner. Pg. 147)

“A blacklead pencil is of no use at all till it is cut; the fine cedar wood must be cut away; and then the inward metal which marks and writes will have fair play. Brethren, the knife of affliction is sharp, but salutary; you cannot delight in it, but faith may teach you to value it.” (The Soul Winner. Pg. 149)

“Did you not hear what our brother said just now in his prayer. We would do anything, be anything, give anything, and suffer anything if we might but bring you to Christ? I assure you that many of us feel even so.” (The Soul Winner. Pg. 150)

“I may be speaking to a few who have not succeeded; if so, I would recommend them to look steadily over their motive, their spirit, their work, and their prayer, and then begin again. Perhaps they may get to work more wisely, more believingly, more humbly, and more in the power of the Holy Spirit. They must act as farmers do who, after a poor harvest, plough again in hope. They ought not to be dispirited, but they ought to be aroused. We should be anxious to find out the reason of failure, if there be any, and we should be ready to learn from all our fellow-labourers; but we must steadfastly set our faces, if by any means we may save some, resolving that whatever happens we will leave no stone unturned to effect the salvation of those around us.” (The Soul Winner. Pg. 152-153)



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