Posted by: theedwardsfam | May 19, 2012


Embracing the tension between family & ministry. He did well in explaining the downfall of two extremes out there today. Sacrificing family on the altar of ministry or idolizing family to the neglect of the ministry. Written by David Sunday

“Both these pitfalls—sacrificing and idolizing family—spring from a common error: they see ministry and family as taking from one another instead of enhancing one another. God has a design for your family and ministry so that faithfulness in the family enhances faithfulness in the church, and faithfulness in the church enhances faithfulness in the family.”

Why churches aren’t evangelistic…we’ve taught them to be afraid to die. Video by Jeff Vanderstelt. Thank Justin Taylor for the link.

If we believe all the same things, why are our churches so different? Great article by Kevin DeYoung on what many people wonder about.

“Have you ever been talking to a pastor or someone from another church and it seems like you should be kindred spirits. The person you meet is obviously a warm-hearted, sincere Christian. They don’t have a problem with any of the doctrines you mention as precious to you and your church. They don’t affirm liberal positions on major theological questions. They nod vigorously when you talk about the Bible and prayer and church planting and the gospel. And yet, you can’t help but wonder if you are really on the same page. You try to check your heart and make sure it’s not pride or judgmentalism getting the best of you. That’s always possible. But no, the more you reflect on the conversation and think about your two churches (or two pastors or two ministries) you conclude there really is a difference.”

Small groups are not just for friendships/Bible study or are they? Good article on the need to do more than just bible studies!

“We love to study the Scriptures and discuss the glorious truth of the gospel with one another, and we enjoy spending time with fellow believers. Yet we’re often fearful and uneasy about what will happen if we invite people who do not believe as we do into these environments.”

Ministry in a nutshell. From the view of a pastor’s kid. :)

5 ways to make evangelism a bigger priority. Simple yet profound thoughts if we are willing to follow them.

10 Ten Temptations Leaders Face. Good thoughts, humbling thoughts.


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